Episode 6 – Saffron A

Saffron A is the queen of injecting song lyrics into any conversation, trust me she’s really good at this. However she’s also amazing at creating heart wrenching songs that reach into your soul and make you feel so many things.

Quick summary of the episode: Saffron also loves business cards (like me!), she refuses to learn the guitar, her sound is like chocolate covered coffee beans, she’s named after the Donovan song ‘Mellow Yellow’,  she write haikus, but not on the spot, she can name the song and artist of so many songs, she used to be able to chug litres of chocolate milk.

She plays an instrument that you wouldn’t even expect, actually she plays a whole FAMILY of instruments that you wouldn’t even think about. As she puts it “it proceeds the guitar but it’s post lute”. But boy does she shred that mandolin like no tomorrow.

Safrron’s next single is called ‘Resilience’, out March 27th. She describes her newest work as her “journey through the emotional fallout of sexual assault. The whole work is deeply personal, and a representation of recent challenges.”

You can hear ‘Resilience’ NOW exclusively on musicable!

Upcoming shows:

May 4th at Burdock in Toronto, ON

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Saffron A quote to live by: ‘Be a weirdo’