Episode 1 – Jad

Jad and I met at a mutual friends party and spent almost 2 hours talking about music, the industry and our passion for it. This podcast was basically an idea that came after that conversation!

Quick summary of the episode: Jad likes: emotions, buffalo mozzarella, and the Backstreet Boys, dislikes: LITERALLY NOTHING. He would start a cult where everyone spends their days loving and supporting each other (aka a sex cult). He plans to start overlapping into other art mediums to express himself, so look out for some rad art created by Jad!

Jad – January 30th at The Horseshoe Tavern

Last week Jad played a show with Emily Rose and Sean Bertram at The Horseshoe Tavern. It was his last show until spring as he is working on some new things, that I personally cannot wait to hear! He played some new songs as well as covered Frank Oceans ‘Ivy’. It was an amazing show as you can see from the hair flip below.

Jad has one of the most insightful and beautiful souls of anyone I’ve ever met. He’s not afraid to feel his emotions and it shows through his music. He is moved by people and the way they live and he wrote a song about it, Lydia. When he introduced this song, his eyes became glassy and you could feel the emotion in his voice throughout the whole song.

Jad has luscious hair as illustrated by the hair flip above.

Hear Jad on the first episode of musicable here!

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