Episode 4 – Grace Bakker

I would like to start by saying that Grace Bakker is lovely human being, whom I am so glad to know. They are a queer musician and a very authentic person.

Quick summary of the episode: they only talk in run on sentences, they’re ridiculously insightful, High School Musical got them into music (basically), they were on The Next Star (google it), The Shot AND The Launch! (super famous) They hate music about drugs and bitches. Their perfect age is 40 something.

Have a (dead?) rose from Grace.

Grace is a killer performer and although I have no photos I can guarantee you’ll have a great time when you see them live. They take over the whole stage and rock it like no tomorrow. They also love blueberry pie and that alone is a good reason to love them.

They’ve always wanted to run away to the middle of nowhere and start a cult so that’s cool.

They’re spending the year developing concepts, writing and recording an EP (???!!!!) So exciting! I’m pumped, are you??!!

They played ‘Red Wine + Your Sheets’ live for the first time just for me us!

Here the episode with Grace here!!

See them at their upcoming show:

March 5th

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Listen to their bomb music here! (their EP is super amazing and I am still obsessed with it)

Episodes are now also available on Spotify!!