Episode 2 – Becca

I met Becca, the drummer of Baby Band and front person of Nice Going, a year or two ago online (aka Tinder I think) but we never actually met until this year when we were both getting tattooed (shoutout to outcast club) at the same time right across the isle from each other! We bonded over pain and astrology. They later agreed to join me for a very unspecific podcast episode and it happened and it was great!!

Quick summary of the (really great) episode: They like: bad/dad jokes, snacks and weed. They dislike: sushi (unless they’re in the very specific mood). They would start a cult where the day -to-day would include a lotta snacks and lots of weed. They’re learning to play the drums, and really like tacos. Also Nice Going might go on a tour (???) Also Becca and I discuss our nipple piercings and how we disappoint our mothers.

Baby Band, Jan 25th at Owl’s Club.

Two weeks ago Becca and they’re bandmates in Baby Band (who get there name because they’re all “babies” since they’re all learning a new instrument) played their first ever show and I had the privilege of being able to go see them rock the house down. I can say that they honestly killed it!

The band opened for another Toronto based-band Pax, who were releasing a cassette tape that night. (They also rocked it)

The venue had a disco ball!! (Owl’s Club)

Make sure you support your friends and go to their shows! You’ll regret it if you don’t!

Becca is on the second episode of musicable! Listen to it here and learn so much about Becca and specifically here their song about clothes!

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