Episode 3 – Kings Of Our Kin

Jess, bass, and Gab, drums, from Kings Of Our Kin joined me for an episode. Sadly, their bandmates Tom, vocal/guitar and Isaac, guitar, were unable to join us, but they were definitely missed!

Quick summary of the episode: The band was named by some random dude on Facebook. Jess is impulsive but Gab is very reasonable. We had a very in-depth conversation about 2-for-1 sales. Drums = not dressing up. Jess’s mom is fancy and serves brie during parties. Jess wants to start a cult for funky sweaters (I’m going) and Gab would start one for vintage music gear, which is the most pompous answer I have received to this question.

Kings Of Our Kin doing a cool walk.

The band originates from North Bay but recently moved to Toronto to pursue music more seriously. In 2017 they revamped their sound and to a poppier, alt-rock combo. They describe their sound as: Energetic Indie Rock. They are currently recording their first full length album up in North Bay and enjoy the long ride up on weekends. Their is no name chosen for the album yet so it might be up to the random dude on Facebook yet again.

Kings Of Our Kin artsy bridge picture.

The band is full of sweethearts and they’re very nice people. 10/10 would recommend them for the “Kind Band Award”.

Go see Kings Of Our Kin at their next show:

February 23rd at Jam Factory

March 26 at Horseshoe Tavern

Episode 3 available here!

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