Episode 7 – Ready The Prince

Steve and Dan also known as Ready The Prince are bringing back rock music. They’re here to takeover and it’s time you love them.

Quick summary of the episode: they’ve been friends since high school, the wrote a great song about bunnies, what genre is the podcast, science, politics, music? who knows, they’re both drop outs (me too:)), Sweet Child of Mine changed Dan’s life, buffets are the best, Dan is a man of very many talents, you heard it here first, the new Cleopatrick is GREAT, Steve is a lazy shredder and just wants to be a cool bass player, they’re starting a cult (a good one), full time music lifestyle is the main goal.

Ready The Prince at The Horseshoe Tavern February 15th

The king is dead. Ready The Prince are here and taking over the Toronto music scene. With killer lyrics and and awesome stage presence I highly recommend seeing them live. Dan turns into Cousin It with his hair flips, while Steve embodies Tigger with his jumping.

Two of the coolest guys I’ve ever met who truly just love music and have such a passion for what they are doing.

Dan and Steve jamming the hardest.

Hear about everything we discussed AND an acoustic version of ‘All The Love (I Have to Give)’

Upcoming shows:

Sadly they’re touring another country for the next month but they’ll be back with more shows!

Europe/UK tour with Cleopatrick

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Listen to their new single Teena!


AND watch the video!

Episode 5 – Jammers Waffle House

Jammers Waffle House is a different kind of indie rock. Specifically because they were they named purely because the band LOVES waffles. Matt, Carmen, Colin and Keegan are 4 very good people! I had a blast working with them and they even gave me some awesome merch!

Quick summary of the episode: The original line-up formed back in high school, The Beatles are loved hard by this group, A Pirates of the Caribbean boat would be the perfect boat, Matt is a lefty and very good at coming up with lyrics on the spot, I asked A LOT of food questions (I was very hungry), they are amazing at giving nicknames, Brown Eyed Girl is a no go for this band, their cult ideas are amazing, AND they opened for City and Colour!?!

Carmen, Matt, Keegan and Colin.

The Mississauga music scene is wild and I think this group is a great representation of that. They’re always playing shows and hustling like no tomorrow to get their name out their. They have their whole heart and soul in their music and their band.

The band in Port Credit looking very cold.

Upcoming shows: (ask them nicely and they’ll play Wonderwall)

They are ALWAYS playing shows (honestly just look at their facebook page!

March 14th Single Release Party at Common Ground

March 15th at the Lionheart

Listen to the episode here!

Look at these sweet people!

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Check them out on Spotify!

They really are just nice people.

Episode 4 – Grace Bakker

I would like to start by saying that Grace Bakker is lovely human being, whom I am so glad to know. They are a queer musician and a very authentic person.

Quick summary of the episode: they only talk in run on sentences, they’re ridiculously insightful, High School Musical got them into music (basically), they were on The Next Star (google it), The Shot AND The Launch! (super famous) They hate music about drugs and bitches. Their perfect age is 40 something.

Have a (dead?) rose from Grace.

Grace is a killer performer and although I have no photos I can guarantee you’ll have a great time when you see them live. They take over the whole stage and rock it like no tomorrow. They also love blueberry pie and that alone is a good reason to love them.

They’ve always wanted to run away to the middle of nowhere and start a cult so that’s cool.

They’re spending the year developing concepts, writing and recording an EP (???!!!!) So exciting! I’m pumped, are you??!!

They played ‘Red Wine + Your Sheets’ live for the first time just for me us!

Here the episode with Grace here!!

See them at their upcoming show:

March 5th

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Listen to their bomb music here! (their EP is super amazing and I am still obsessed with it)

Episodes are now also available on Spotify!!

Episode 3 – Kings Of Our Kin

Jess, bass, and Gab, drums, from Kings Of Our Kin joined me for an episode. Sadly, their bandmates Tom, vocal/guitar and Isaac, guitar, were unable to join us, but they were definitely missed!

Quick summary of the episode: The band was named by some random dude on Facebook. Jess is impulsive but Gab is very reasonable. We had a very in-depth conversation about 2-for-1 sales. Drums = not dressing up. Jess’s mom is fancy and serves brie during parties. Jess wants to start a cult for funky sweaters (I’m going) and Gab would start one for vintage music gear, which is the most pompous answer I have received to this question.

Kings Of Our Kin doing a cool walk.

The band originates from North Bay but recently moved to Toronto to pursue music more seriously. In 2017 they revamped their sound and to a poppier, alt-rock combo. They describe their sound as: Energetic Indie Rock. They are currently recording their first full length album up in North Bay and enjoy the long ride up on weekends. Their is no name chosen for the album yet so it might be up to the random dude on Facebook yet again.

Kings Of Our Kin artsy bridge picture.

The band is full of sweethearts and they’re very nice people. 10/10 would recommend them for the “Kind Band Award”.

Go see Kings Of Our Kin at their next show:

February 23rd at Jam Factory

March 26 at Horseshoe Tavern

Episode 3 available here!

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Check out their latest self-titled EP!

Episode 2 – Becca

I met Becca, the drummer of Baby Band and front person of Nice Going, a year or two ago online (aka Tinder I think) but we never actually met until this year when we were both getting tattooed (shoutout to outcast club) at the same time right across the isle from each other! We bonded over pain and astrology. They later agreed to join me for a very unspecific podcast episode and it happened and it was great!!

Quick summary of the (really great) episode: They like: bad/dad jokes, snacks and weed. They dislike: sushi (unless they’re in the very specific mood). They would start a cult where the day -to-day would include a lotta snacks and lots of weed. They’re learning to play the drums, and really like tacos. Also Nice Going might go on a tour (???) Also Becca and I discuss our nipple piercings and how we disappoint our mothers.

Baby Band, Jan 25th at Owl’s Club.

Two weeks ago Becca and they’re bandmates in Baby Band (who get there name because they’re all “babies” since they’re all learning a new instrument) played their first ever show and I had the privilege of being able to go see them rock the house down. I can say that they honestly killed it!

The band opened for another Toronto based-band Pax, who were releasing a cassette tape that night. (They also rocked it)

The venue had a disco ball!! (Owl’s Club)

Make sure you support your friends and go to their shows! You’ll regret it if you don’t!

Becca is on the second episode of musicable! Listen to it here and learn so much about Becca and specifically here their song about clothes!

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Becca: Twitter 

Baby Band

Episode 1 – Jad

Jad and I met at a mutual friends party and spent almost 2 hours talking about music, the industry and our passion for it. This podcast was basically an idea that came after that conversation!

Quick summary of the episode: Jad likes: emotions, buffalo mozzarella, and the Backstreet Boys, dislikes: LITERALLY NOTHING. He would start a cult where everyone spends their days loving and supporting each other (aka a sex cult). He plans to start overlapping into other art mediums to express himself, so look out for some rad art created by Jad!

Jad – January 30th at The Horseshoe Tavern

Last week Jad played a show with Emily Rose and Sean Bertram at The Horseshoe Tavern. It was his last show until spring as he is working on some new things, that I personally cannot wait to hear! He played some new songs as well as covered Frank Oceans ‘Ivy’. It was an amazing show as you can see from the hair flip below.

Jad has one of the most insightful and beautiful souls of anyone I’ve ever met. He’s not afraid to feel his emotions and it shows through his music. He is moved by people and the way they live and he wrote a song about it, Lydia. When he introduced this song, his eyes became glassy and you could feel the emotion in his voice throughout the whole song.

Jad has luscious hair as illustrated by the hair flip above.

Hear Jad on the first episode of musicable here!

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