Episode 7 – Ready The Prince

Steve and Dan also known as Ready The Prince are bringing back rock music. They’re here to takeover and it’s time you love them.

Quick summary of the episode: they’ve been friends since high school, the wrote a great song about bunnies, what genre is the podcast, science, politics, music? who knows, they’re both drop outs (me too:)), Sweet Child of Mine changed Dan’s life, buffets are the best, Dan is a man of very many talents, you heard it here first, the new Cleopatrick is GREAT, Steve is a lazy shredder and just wants to be a cool bass player, they’re starting a cult (a good one), full time music lifestyle is the main goal.

Ready The Prince at The Horseshoe Tavern February 15th

The king is dead. Ready The Prince are here and taking over the Toronto music scene. With killer lyrics and and awesome stage presence I highly recommend seeing them live. Dan turns into Cousin It with his hair flips, while Steve embodies Tigger with his jumping.

Two of the coolest guys I’ve ever met who truly just love music and have such a passion for what they are doing.

Dan and Steve jamming the hardest.

Hear about everything we discussed AND an acoustic version of ‘All The Love (I Have to Give)’

Upcoming shows:

Sadly they’re touring another country for the next month but they’ll be back with more shows!

Europe/UK tour with Cleopatrick

Follow them at all the @ places





Listen to their new single Teena!


AND watch the video!