Episode 5 – Jammers Waffle House

Jammers Waffle House is a different kind of indie rock. Specifically because they were they named purely because the band LOVES waffles. Matt, Carmen, Colin and Keegan are 4 very good people! I had a blast working with them and they even gave me some awesome merch!

Quick summary of the episode: The original line-up formed back in high school, The Beatles are loved hard by this group, A Pirates of the Caribbean boat would be the perfect boat, Matt is a lefty and very good at coming up with lyrics on the spot, I asked A LOT of food questions (I was very hungry), they are amazing at giving nicknames, Brown Eyed Girl is a no go for this band, their cult ideas are amazing, AND they opened for City and Colour!?!

Carmen, Matt, Keegan and Colin.

The Mississauga music scene is wild and I think this group is a great representation of that. They’re always playing shows and hustling like no tomorrow to get their name out their. They have their whole heart and soul in their music and their band.

The band in Port Credit looking very cold.

Upcoming shows: (ask them nicely and they’ll play Wonderwall)

They are ALWAYS playing shows (honestly just look at their facebook page!

March 14th Single Release Party at Common Ground

March 15th at the Lionheart

Listen to the episode here!

Look at these sweet people!

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They really are just nice people.